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NABDA Scientist Wins ISAG 2016 Yoshi Suzuki Award

NABDA Scientist Wins ISAG 2016 Yoshi Suzuki Award

  Principal Scientific Officer of the Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics Department of the National Biotechnology Development Agency(NABDA) currently undergoing a PhD  programme in Genetics  at the School of Life Sciences of the Nottingham University, UK,Dr Abdulfatai Tijjani has emerged as the winner of the 2016 Yoshi Suzuki Award of the International Society for Animal Genetics(ISAG).

Dr. Tijjani’s poster titled “Comparative Genomics reveal common diversity and signature of positive selection in west African Taurine cattle populations” was selected by the ad hoc committee appointed by the Executive Committee of ISAG as the best poster among all students receiving travel bursaries at the35th International Society for Animal Genetics Conference (2016) which held at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center, Utah USA from July 23rd to 27th, 2016.

The elated Tijjani holds a First Degree in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) 2005 from the Ahmadu Bello University,  Zaria;Master’s degree in Applied Biomolecular Technology, 2013, University of Nottingham, UK and currently undergoing a PhD in Genetics in Nottingham University, attributes his success to God and the opportunity and support granted him by the NABDA Capacity building programme which granted him the study leave that enabled him to undertake the training.

Responding to the news of the award, the NABDA Director –General/CEO ,  Prof (Mrs) Lucy Ogbadu described the award as a feat which shows the great potentials and possibilities that Biotechnology Development in Nigeria presents to our teaming  youths. Prof. Ogbadu noted that this is the second time a young NABDA staff on study leave would be winning a renowned international award and this shows the great potentials that the Agency has to develop and grow the nation’s human capital.

The International Society for Animal Genetics(ISAG) is devoted to the study of the immunogenetics, molecular genetics and functional genomics of economically important and domesticated animal species.

Furthermore, Yoshiko (Yoshi) Suzuki was one of the founding members of International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG). She studied genetic markers for a wide range of species at the University of California, Davis in collaboration with Professor Clyde Stormont. She was a strong supporter of young scientists and made funds available to support students attending the Conferences of ISAG. The winner of the Suzuki Award is selected at ISAG conferences .


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